"ES TALLER" has been quite active over the years in various fields of its specialties. To cite all the works restored by the company since its creation would be an arduous task.  Just to name some of the most important works restored for public entities made for public entities:

July 2014
Restoration Altarpiece: Mare de Deu del Roser SXVI. Rectoría de Sencelles Mallorca.
June 2014
Restoration sculture: Beat Ramon Llull. Església des Socors. Palma.
May 2014
Restoration Venetian columns. Finca son Bausa Valldemossa, Mallorca.
February 2014
Restoration painting: La Inmaculada SXVIII obra de Joan Muntaner Cladera., Altar mayor Església Dels Caputxins. Palma.
September 2013
Restoration Oil Immaculate, large, situated in the Franciscan convent of Sant Bonaventura de Llucmajor. Mallorca.
April 2013
Restoration oil on canvas: San Juanito,del convento de Santa Clara de Palma de Mallorca.
February 2013
Restoration oil on canvas. Autor: Joaquín Sorolla.
May 2012
Restoration of façade British consulate in Palma de Mallorca.
December 2012
Restoration Altarpiece of St. Jerome Church of the Convent of Santa Clara de Palma.
January- February 2012
Restoration Altarpiece of San Sebastián Church of the Convent of Santa Clara de Palma.
November-December 2011
Restoration Altarpiece of the Holy Cave of the Church of the Convent of Santa Clara de Palma.
September-October 2011
Restoration altar piece of the Holy Christ of the Church of the Convent of Santa Clara de Palma de Mallorca
July 2011
Restoration altar front body of the church of Santa Cruz de Palma de Mallorca.
May-June 2011
Restoration murals low. Church of the Convent of de Santa Clara de Palma.
March-April 2011
Restoration of Santanyi stone chancel of the church of the convent of Santa Clara de Palma.
April-May 2010
Restoration sundial in cloister of the convent of Teresas de Palma de Mallorca.
October 2008
Pulpit restoration of the Basilica of San Francisco en Palma de Mallorca.
October 2007
Restoration decorative paintings on ceilings, manor street Palau Reial de Palma.
February-April 2007
Altarpiece Restoration - organ front of the Basilica of San Francisco de Palma de Mallorca.
March 2006
Restoration murals on baseboards and ceilings Hotel “La Vila” de Sóller.
September 2005
Restoration Triumphal Chariot of Blessed Palma de Mallorca, commissioned by the del Consell Insular de Mallorca.
April 2005
Restoration of the altarpiece "Famous people of the Royal House of Aragon belonging to the Franciscan Order." Located in the Basilica of St. Francis of Palma de Mallorca.
Abril 2002
Restoration of Processional car of the Virgin of Hope.
June 2002
Restoration of oil on canvas "Knightly Scene at Borne de Palma", for the exhibition "Palma through mapping".
Restoration oil on canvas "Sagrada Familia" (232 cm x 246 cm) located in the Parish of Sant Bartolomé de Valldemossa (Mallorca).
Restoration work tempera on panel by Rafael Moger (1424 - 1490) "La Madre de Deu del Olivar", located in the parish church of the Immaculate Conception of S'Esgleieta..
Restoration step Easter, sculptor Jaime Mir belonging to the brotherhood "Joventut seraphic". Palma.
Restoration step Easter, belonging to the Brotherhood of the Holy Burial of Inca.

From 2000-2014 we have reached a particular level of extensive technical know-how, which proves our experience as restorers of paintings made mostly by artists from Mallorca schools or settled on the island such as: Familia de los López, Blanquer, Rafael Móger, Miquel Bestard, Mesquida, Femenías, Agustín Buades, Fausto Morell, Bauzà, Ankerman, Anglada Camarassa, Blanes Viale, Tito Cittadini, Llorenç Cerdà, Oracio Silva, Dionís Bernasser, Miret, Gelabert, López Naguil, Benareggi, Bournay, Quirós, Erwin Hubert, Hernández Monjo, C. Porcel, Tòfol Pizá, Muntaner Cladera, etc
From 2000-2014 we have restored countless furniture with particular work in beds, chests, boxes, frames, cabinets, mainly Mallorcan style and belonging to private, important collections.

pintura mural restauracion de cuadros antiguos
restauracion de pinturas en mallorca reformar tallas policromadas
restauracion de pintura antigua restauracion de fachadas



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