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Restauración y conservación
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Cursos restauracion pintura
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Clases de conservacion
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Restauracion de oleos
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Rest.pintura decorativa

“ES TALLER” was founded in the year 2000 by Noemi Casellas Garcia and Montserrat Dezcallar Sitjar. It is a multidisciplinary service team, specializing in the conservation and restoration of historic and artistic property and real estate.
The office is located in the old center of Palma de Mallorca, in a large studio, near the Mercado del Olivar.
One focus in the work is geared towards restoration of pictorial work on different supports (i.e. board, canvas, cardboard and copper) or sculptural work, focusing our work on altarpieces, carvings, terracotta and plaster.
The main specialization of activities in the studio is for the restoration of antique furniture, disinfection, consolidation, marquetry and handcrafted finishes in wax or shellac varnish applied by hand.
Our work is focused on murals and decorative paintings, on ceilings and walls, coffered ceilings, stone presbyteries, sundials, marbled columns and Venetian stucco.
Our activity is developed in both the private and public sectors: private collections, churches, fraternities, convents and museums.

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